Dental Implants & Dentures

Are gaps in your grin making you want to hide your smile? Or maybe they’re just making everyday activities like eating more difficult? At Harris Creek Dental, we offer natural-looking dental implants and dentures to replace missing teeth and get back to a full smile.

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Dental Implants

Dental implants are known as the preferred method for replacing one tooth to a full set of teeth for a variety of reasons. For one, they are actually permanently placed in your mouth, making them a long-term solution. Patients also appreciate how natural they look and feel.

Many dental offices only offer implant restorations (the dental crown part that actually looks like a tooth) and have to refer you out for the placement procedure. At Harris Creek Dental, we provide full-service implant dentistry! If you need a dental implant, you can visit our office for the entire procedure, and our team will be the ones guiding you from start to finish.


We offer both full or immediate dentures, which are full sets of artificial teeth, as well as partial dentures, which are a good option for patients who still have some teeth remaining. We are focused on the aesthetics and functionality of your dentures, so we work hard to make sure the dentures we provide look great and work well for years to come.

Denture Stabilization

Did you know there’s actually a way to keep your dentures in place without adhesives? We offer a procedure called denture stabilization where we place mini implants that snap in to you dentures. If you have ill-fitting dentures that either slip or are uncomfortable to wear, ask us about denture stabilization!

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